Lightening update … reopening Thursday, April 15th, 3pm

The lightening saga continues 🌩 ⛈ 🌩… we had hoped to have everything including some HVAC issues resolved and reopen tomorrow, but it’s not going to happen 😱 Vendors have promised they will get it all done so we can reopen on Thursday, April 15th at 3pm! Thanks for your patience and support during this ordeal, we look forward to seeing you soon and have your favorite beverages!  Ciao

We’re back! Everything’s up & running including online ordering :)

And we’re back up & running full speed ahead – phones, wifi & online ordering. Thanks so much for your patience as we worked through this – lots of fried electronics😱
We will be closed Monday, 4/12 and Tuesday, 4/13 and will reopen on Wednesday, 4/14 from 3pm.

Saturday, April 10th – technical difficulties due to lightening!

UPDATE 5:15pm: we are open but wifi & phones are in & out, so you may not be able to reach us & we can’t electronically process credit cards & thus would prefer cash. If you want to use your card, we will manually swipe it & take your details to process when wifi is back. Hope to have everything back up tomorrow!
Saturday 4/10 – the wicked storm with all the lightening last night caused some electrical issues including our phones & internet which we’re working on resolving. We will open as close as possible to our scheduled 3pm, but watch this page for updates! ⛈🌩⛈
Thanks for your patience!